Fun with wheels: Rollerskating edition

We recently realized that we are fated to collaborate with bicycling cool kids the Cyclones of New York, because of our mutual interests: things that have wheels. And they’re opening our eyes to whole new worlds of wheel-driven enjoyment. Buses, limos, and vans we knew, but here come bicycles! And now? ROLLERSKATES. *weeping openly*

We’re so excited that we’re cosponsoring the next NYC Cyclones event, a trip to the legendary Staten Island Roller Jam Skate Rink for a fabulous skating party night on January 30th. Check it out, and come along for the ride! You’ll find us on the rink, doing our best Saturday Night Fever.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 1.03.18 PM


Article by Sally Simms

Sally Simms is the VP of Product and Operations at Buster.