Fun with wheels: Rollerskating edition

We recently realized that we are fated to collaborate with bicycling cool kids the Cyclones of New York, because of our mutual interests: things that have wheels. And they’re opening our eyes to whole new worlds of wheel-driven enjoyment. Buses, limos, and vans we knew, but here come bicycles! And now?¬†ROLLERSKATES. *weeping openly*

We’re so excited that we’re cosponsoring the next NYC Cyclones event, a trip to the legendary Staten Island Roller Jam Skate Rink for a fabulous skating party night on January 30th. Check it out, and come along for the ride!¬†You’ll find us on the rink, doing our best Saturday Night Fever.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 1.03.18 PM


Article by Sally Simms

Sally Simms is the VP of Product and Operations at Buster.