“You just don’t know how to HOLD the reservation”

We’re more than “Reservations

...and that's really the most important part of the reservation. The holding.
…and that’s really the most important part of the reservation. The holding.


People in the transportation industry always talk about “Customer Service,” and by that, it’s really just everyone claiming to have the best customer service. If you’ve ever been in charge of renting the birthday limo, bachelorette party sprinter, or wedding shuttle, that may have been LOL-inducing.

“Bus people” speak like bus people. Even when talking to you (I meant “to,” not “with”). We spent years demystifying the bus chatter so that we can translate on your behalf and provide an actual “Customer Experience.” We’re not just taking reservations, we’re helping with the whole journey.

Enter the Proactive Customer Experience

We think we’ve reached the perfect balance of communication – we’re not going to annoy you (we hope), but we’ll make sure you’re reassured that your bus, van, or limo is going to be there and your event will go off without a hitch. We triple confirm details with your operator (seriously, 3 times), including the day-of to make sure everything is still running on-time and there are no surprises. From your perspective, you’ll get all of your details again 5 days before your trip so you have a second to review and rethink anything you may have missed the first time around. The day of your trip, you’ll get a text to confirm everything is running as planned and (again) make sure you have all the contact info you need. Honestly, we started doing this because it made our lives easier. You get the added benefit of more reliable bus service at no extra cost.

We call it the “Buster 5 Point Proactive Customer Experience.” The process is there, our naming originality is falling a bit behind.

Article by Ben Newland

Ben is Director of Product at Buster. He's the proud owner of our office dog, Dexter, whose paw can be seen on our 404 page (which hopefully means nothing to you).