Announcing our first artist collaboration: it’s a sticker

You don’t see a lot of bus art out there. But we’re working on it.

We’re excited to announce what we hope will be the first of many, many Buster artist collaborations. It’s a limited series of stickers by illustrator and designer Hiller Goodspeed. Without further ado, your sticker, dear reader:

Hiller Goodspeed's sticker collaboration with Buster
Look at those happy riders. Our favorite is Spike on the bus second to the right.

We were familiar with Hiller from way back in 2010, when he and friend Travis McKinney ran a year-long Tumblr called E.D.P.E.D. (Every Day Posters Every Day). If you can make sitting in a parking lot attendant’s box cool, we figured, you can have a little fun with buses (… limos, and vans).

Look out for these 5″x5″ green wonders around Brooklyn, because they’re coming to laptops, locker rooms, and L trains near you. And if you want your very own to smack on your laptop – just ask!

Article by Sally Simms

Sally Simms is the VP of Product and Operations at Buster.