Who are the people behind the chat box?


We’re robots! Not really. Maybe on Halloween.

In real life, we are Ben and Caleb. Here we are in our truest form, mirrored in a Buster vehicle:


We’re the vendor operations team at Buster. That means we are the people who meet with every charter company Buster works with, and step on board all the vehicles you might ride on with Buster. We are the ones making sure your luxury limo seats are the finest Italian leather and your school bus 100% satisfies your nostalgic expectations.

Most importantly though, we are people. We respond to every customer inquiry personally, because booking buses, limos, and vans is not that simple, and we are here to help. We think about buses all day, so you don’t have to.

More about us

Some day, Caleb aspires to be Punderdome Champion of the World (official title), and Ben just wants to run the world. We spent our first couple years at Buster on the road, meeting and signing up charter companies, kicking tires, and making sure you only get the finest vehicles when you book. We’ve been inside, photographed, and okayed all Buster vehicles, so if you have any questions about vehicles, or how Buster works, just ask.

Bonus points: If you can find more outlines of us in any other Buster photos, we’ll give you 10% off your next Buster trip! Just tell us in the chat box.

Article by Ben Newland

Ben is Director of Product at Buster. He's the proud owner of our office dog, Dexter, whose paw can be seen on our 404 page (which hopefully means nothing to you).