Holiday Party Transportation Checklist


If you’re the event planner for a corporate holiday party, you’ve got the venue, you’ve sent out the invites, you’ve checked that the speakers have their speeches prepared, and then comes the transportation coordination. Don’t let this part overwhelm you! Here are tips on where to start and resources to ease the process.

1. The Basics

Whether everyone will be coming from the same office or various locations, be sure to set clear pickup spots and times and communicate that to all passengers. In addition to keeping passengers in the loop, having one point person within each group who will help to bridge any communication gaps between driver and passengers. The buses are big, but they still need to find you and let you know they’re there!

2. Deciding on Vehicle Size and Shuttle Options

What is the style of the event, and what will the guests be expecting? Do you want everyone traveling together in one large coach bus? Is part of the evening the ride itself? Is a nostalgic vibe part of the theme…yellow school bus, anyone? Knowing what style of vehicle you need and how many passengers you’d like to move in each vehicle at a time are key factors to have in mind before looking for options and pricing. If you want some suggestions, we’re here to help.

3. Getting Quotes

The part of the event that feels like an afterthought can easily become an event all in itself. Calling operator after operator only to get wildly different quotes is an outdated system. And good luck actually getting a response back. Don’t start twiddling your thumbs yet – they’ll get sore. With Buster, we already did that legwork for you. Just answer a few questions about your trip, and we’ll show you prices and vehicle options instantly. All of the operators have already been vetted by our team, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. And gratuity is already included, so no need to carry a wad of cash that won’t fit in your purse/suit.

4. Communication

Do you want the driver to meet at a certain corner? Do you need ample time to set up gift bags on the seats prior to passengers boarding? Do you want the vehicle shuttles to stagger their departure times? The more clear the requests are before the day of the trip, the more likely it will be a smooth ride. We’ll also let you know your driver’s name and phone number for any last minute details.

A little prep work goes a long way, and these steps are sure to cut your transportation booking time in half. Time better spent actually enjoying your event!

Article by Samantha

Samantha is an Account Manager at Buster and is happy to step in as your travel concierge.